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Portfolio Highlights

211 Childcare Search

Mobile Friendly Redesigns

Optimizing the State of Connecticut’s childcare provider search application from “mobile ready” to “mobile friendly”.

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Netsolace Digital Menu System

Android TV App Design

Redesigning Netsolace's Digital Menu System from the ground up as a cloud-based app for connected TVs.

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Percipio: Mobile App

Mobile App For Cloud-based Learning

Desiging the mobile companion app to Skillsoft's online learning platform.

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Only a handful of projects become case studies for my portfolio. However, a listing of more than 40 of my UX projects, including brief summaries, can be found here.

Or, for a look at my pre-UX, mostly pre-2010 work in visual design including photo retouching, illustration, graphics, fontography and more, visit my archived design-skills focused portfolio here .

About Me

Telling Stories

Others may say I'm an illustrator, a painter, a web designer, an animator, an 'idea guy', or something else entirely. Its true, I've been trained in and absolutely love visual arts. However, I'm a storyteller at heart. All of these things orbit around including your audience in the story. My story. Their story. Your story. I believe that stories are the best way to:

  • Impart understanding.
  • Share mindset.
  • Teach mental models.
  • Convey value.
  • Reveal motivation.
  • Create bonds.

My History

My life is full to the brim with communication discovery; visual storytelling through interface design, illustration, animation, and motion design; audio communication via podcasting and public speaking; even some writing and photography. I love to find the “why” in something and then explore the best ways to share it.

I have a deep history of working with both local and remote agile teams, as well as solo design projects. Open to all opportunities crafting modern, elegant interfaces for outstanding audience experiences.

Clients / Employers

  • ESPN
  • Prudential Financial
  • Edible Arrangements
  • Skillsoft
  • United Way of Connecticut
  • York & Chapel
  • Microcast
  • Funnybone Interactive (Blizzard Entertainment)


  • The Kubert School - Certificate of Studio Animation
  • Bentley University (ESPN onsite training) - Human Factors & UX Design
  • Human Factors International (ESPN onsite training) - Designing for PET
  • New Horizons CLC (ESPN onsite training) - Agile Essentials
  • New Horizons CLC (ESPN onsite training) - Intro to Agile Project Management


  • "In every project, Chris designed graphics that greatly enhanced the site and wowed our business partners. Additionally, Chris and I developed excellent communication skills so we were able to work efficiently and effectively with each other. I highly recommend Chris for any project which needs a creative graphics element that will wow customers. In my opinion, the highest recommendation you can give someone is to want to work with that person again and, in my case, I not only want to work with Chris again, I look forward to working with him again."
    Scott Robidoux
    Director of Data Solutions @ United Way of Connecticut
  • "Chris is so talented and dependable, I've hired him twice in the last decade ... he quickly developed into my go-to guy, and informally filled the position as my '#2.' ... as I was developing a creative team at ESPN, Chris was my first outside hire and once again never failed to impress with his skill and even blossomed at developing positive customer relationships with clients all over the Worldwide Leader in Sports. ... I'm pretty confident I'll work with him again... unless you hire him first."
    Brett Stewart
    Director Of Event Management @ Adventure Fitness
  • "Chris was placed in our Agile team for several sprints (six weeks) when we needed to re-design our web application. Chris was able to redesign the whole web app, give us the assets for the new design, analyse the User eXperience, and document every piece of his work. I was very impressed by his ability to come into a project that he had no knowledge of and contribute so much in such a short amount of time. Chris's approach was very professional and his designs were beautiful and refreshing."
    tripp stowe
    Senior Architect @ ESPN
  • "Chris and I have shared creative assets for marketing campaigns, allowing us to maintain creative consistency across our various media and platforms. Chris is extremely thoughtful about branding and is a highly effective communicator, reaching across business silos even when others in these silos fail to put effort into collaboration. Chris respects procedures and is always interested in discussing process improvements. He has a great attitude, which is key in high stress, fast-paced roles."
    Kristen Cook
    Assoc Dir of Production Development and Operations at CreativeWorks @ ESPN Content Operations
  • "Chris is one of the most talented visual designers I have had the privilege to work with. He is a passionate designer who loves his craft and always kept himself updated with the new creative technologies. He is outstanding at thinking out of the box to develop creative dynamic solutions. Chris would be a true asset for any company requiring a talented designer and comes with my heartfelt recommendation."
    Chandana Dabbiru
    Product Director, Product & Data Innovations @ Gartner
  • "Adding Chris to our UX/UI team was a great win for us. He is one of the best technical designers I have had the pleasure to work with. His design operations and production skill set added tremendous value to our team and his unselfish desire to share his knowledge and experiences helped us all grow individually and collectively. His passion for keeping up to speed on the latest technologies and tools made him the go-to resource. He would be a valuable asset to any team and I would welcome the chance to work with him again."
    John Belancik III
    Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder @ Vortexed Incorporated
  • "I had the pleasure of working with Chris at Microcast. Not only is he incredibly talented, but most of all wonderful to work with. He understands concepts and can take what you give him, run with it and exceed your expectations...all with a great attitude. What else could you ask for?"
    Suzanne Annunziato
    Owner & Lead Creative @ Blackdog Design Partners, LLC

Just a handful of recommendations from former colleagues and clients.
More than 30 others can be found on my LinkedIn account .